New brain mapping tool produces higher resolution data during brain surgery
Researchers have developed a new device to map the brain during surgery and distinguish between healthy and diseased tissues. The device provides higher resolution neural readings than existing tools used in the clinic and could enable doctors to perform safer, more precise brain surgeries.

Nanoalloys ten times as effective as pure platinum in fuel cells
A new type of nanocatalyst can result in the long-awaited commercial breakthrough for fuel cell cars. Research results show that it is possible to significantly reduce the need for platinum, a precious and rare metal, by creating a nanoalloy using a new production technique. The technology is also well suited for mass production.

Shedding light on how humans walk, with robots
Patients walking in clinical robotic suits do not modify their gait in response to forces that are meant to alter the height of their steps, though they do respond to alterations in step length, providing insight into how the human brain executes walking and improving rehabilitative robot design, researchers have discovered.

Just after the Big Bang: Galaxies created stars a hundred times faster now
A team of astronomers has discovered a new kind of galaxy which, although extremely old -- formed less than a billion years after the Big Bang -- creates stars more than a hundred times faster than our own Milky Way.

Paper test strip could help heart failure patients monitor their condition at home
Contrary to the condition's name, heart failure doesn't mean the heart has stopped pumping -- it's just not working at full strength. It can often be managed with medications and lifestyle changes, but its progression needs to be monitored closely. Now scientists have developed a new test strip that could potentially allow patients to do this at home for the first time.

How most antimatter in the Milky Way forms: Mystery solved
Astrophysicists have now shown how most of the antimatter in the Milky Way forms.

Volunteers help find star that exploded 970 million years ago, predating the dinosaurs
Online volunteers have helped astronomers find a star that exploded 970 million years ago, predating the dinosaurs' time on Earth.

Measured for the first time: Direction of light waves changed by quantum effect
Certain materials can be used to rotate the direction in which the light is oscillating. This is known as a 'magneto-optical' effect. One variant of this type of effect has now been demonstrated for the first time. Rather than switching the direction of the light wave continually, special materials called 'topological insulators' do so in quantum steps. This could give us a new method to measure fundamental constants of nature.

Can parents' tech obsessions contribute to a child's bad behavior?
About half of parents reported that technology interrupted time with their children three or more times on a typical day. Even in low amounts, interruptions to parent-child time caused by digital technology are associated with greater child behavior problems, a new study suggests.

Precise insight into the depths of cells
Is it possible to watch at the level of single cells how fish embryos become trout, carp or salmon? Researchers have successfully combined two very advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques. The new high-resolution light microscope permits fascinating insights into a cell's interior.

Mathematical modeling can identify ways to limit aggressive tumor cell growth
Mathematical models can be used to predict how different tumor cell populations interact with each other and respond to a changing environment, research suggests.

Physicists discover mechanism behind granular capillary effect
Dipping a tube into a container filled with water will make the water rise in the tube. This phenomenon is called liquid capillarity. It is responsible for many natural and technical processes, for example the water absorption of trees, ink rising in a fountain pen, and sponges absorbing dishwater. But what happens if the tube is dipped into a container filled not with water but with sand? The answer is – nothing.

Natural gas facilities with no carbon dioxide emissions
How can we burn natural gas without releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air? This feat is achieved using a special combustion method: chemical looping combustion (CLC). In this process, CO2 can be isolated during combustion without having to use any additional energy, which means it can then go on to be stored. This prevents it from being released into the atmosphere.

Biggest ever simulations help uncover the history of the galaxy
Thousands of processors, terabytes of data, and months of computing time have helped a group of researchers in Germany create some of the largest and highest resolution simulations ever made of galaxies like our Milky Way.

Fuel from the air technology provides a path to new business for OPEC countries
Pioneering technology makes OPEC countries prime regions to produce synthetic fuels. This could be a key asset in phasing out fossil fuels after the Paris Agreement, while also keeping some of the existing oil industry value chain intact.


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